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How to Survive an Armed Robbery

What to Do in an Armed Robbery to Make Sure You Stay Alive Always be on your guard as you never know when you will be a victim of an armed robbery attack. Having defensive and psychological tactics are two of the best ways that you survive an armed robbery. Psychological tactics

Crime Rate in North Carolina


Crime Rate in North Carolina – Partial Improvement in Property Crime North Carolina suffers from one of the highest murder rates in the entire United States. The most dangerous city in the state is Lumberton. This city is also considered the 4th most dangerous city in the country. In recent year,

Why Do People Commit Crimes?


Some Theories that Explain Why People Commit Crimes Why do people commit crimes? That is a question law officers, psychologist, criminologist and practically every law abiding person have always been trying to answer. There are a few notable theories that try to tackle this question from different directions, depending on their worldview. If

Rise in Hate Crimes


Hate crimes are on the rise in North Carolina An official report recently issued by the FBI clearly indicates a significant increase in the number of hate crimes committed in North Carolina in 2015. In that year, the report reveals, 162 hate crimes were recorded by NC law enforcement agencies. This