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How to Survive an Armed Robbery

What to Do in an Armed Robbery to Make Sure You Stay Alive

Always be on your guard as you never know when you will be a victim of an armed robbery attack. Having defensive and psychological tactics are two of the best ways that you survive an armed robbery.

Psychological tactics of surviving an armed robbery

This is the key to coming out of an attack alive. As you know, most armed robbers do not want to leave traces behind. They carry either knife of a gun and any sudden provocation may make them shoot. Some of the psychological tips to survive an armed robbery include:

  • Understand the criminal. This is knowing how you can become a target for an armed robbery and avoid it.
  • Keep in mind that an armed robber carries a fatal weapon so if you are not in a position to control the situation, do everything he or she asks of you.
  • When faced with a criminal, do not panic. Panicking may aggravate the criminal and cause them to use their weapons.

Defensive tactics.

You can protect yourself from armed robberies by;

  • Installing asecurity system in your house.
  • Do not make sudden alarming movements when attacked.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • Examine your attacker incisively as you will need to explain to the police later.
  • In case you know of any defensive methods and you are in a position to fight back, do so carefully.

After the attack and the robbers have left, call the police immediately. Describe the situation exactly as it happened to the police. Also, give a full description of your attacker to assist in the investigation.

Note that an armed robbery can be as little as purse snatching in a car parking lot or the streets to as big as a bank robbery. Either way, an armed robbery can be fatal and should be treated with a lot of caution.


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