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Crime and Poverty

poverty and crime

The Connection between Crime and Poverty

For centuries, crime has been considered to be born of poverty. This assumption can be dated as far back into history as during the time of Aristotle. Aristotle himself wrote that Poverty is the parent of crime, and to date, many statistics have gone by that.

Causes of Crime

Why would people engage in criminal activities? It is definitely for personal gain. Crimes range from as low as pick-pocket to bribery for a job or murder to hide some incriminating truth. Most crimes affect the socio-economic structure of a country, and the cause needs to be figured out so as to employ precautionary methods.

Among the leading causes of crime in any state include:

  • When faced with an unfair ruling and prosecution, there might be a need for revenge by the offended.
  • A drug addict who is no longer unable to afford the drugs that they are addicted to may result in crime.
  • Population increase.
  • Depression and mental illness may lead to criminal activities; this is especially inflicted upon oneself.
  • Poverty, also known as economic deprivation. The need to fulfill one’s needs may lead them to result to criminal activities.

How Poverty Relates to Crime

In most cases, poverty translates to the lack of education, which leads to unemployment hence no income. With or without income, people have got to survive. At least the basic needs should be catered. For this reason, many people facing poverty, especially the youth turn to theft and burglary to sustain themselves and their families.

People facing poverty begin the criminal activities as early as the age of 15 years. The use of violence is also a common way of gaining a status among individuals that are facing economic constraints. Violence is a show of empowerment among their peers and the tougher you are, the more respected you become.

The increase in the population of people causes strain in the country’s economy. Individuals who can afford a bribe will get employment positions. The act of bribery is a criminal offense. The others who are left out also turn to minor crimes such as pick-pocket or burglary for their sustenance.

Depression or mental instability relating to poverty may lead to crime. A person undergoing mental difficulties may find themselves inflicting death to themselves and their families. This is because they have no hope and have given up in life and view death as the solution to end their suffering.

In Conclusion

It is clear that poverty is among the leading causes to various criminal activities. However, crime is not entirely dependent of poverty. Governments need to improve the socio-economic status of the people to reduce crime rates.

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