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Rise in Hate Crimes


Hate crimes are on the rise in North Carolina

An official report recently issued by the FBI clearly indicates a significant increase in the number of hate crimes committed in North Carolina in 2015. In that year, the report reveals, 162 hate crimes were recorded by NC law enforcement agencies. This number is 15 percent higher compared to the year before, 2014.

Most of the crimes had sexual and racial orientation. To be precise, the number of crimes committed on racial grounds in 2015 was 106 compared to 96 in 2014. 37 Sex crimes involving racial elements were committed throughout the state during 2015. In 2014, the number was 23.

What causes this worrisome rise in hate crimes?

Many people blame House Bill 2 as the most severe form of anti-LGBT legislation which gives rise to intolerance. In fact, there was a rise in crimes committed against LGBT people.

Another point at much deeper causes that are related to changes the society in the United State as a whole is undergoing in recent years. The 2016 elections brought to the surface latent trends. The truth is simple: people are becoming afraid of those who come from a different background, race or culture – in other words, Xenophobia.

More and more people across the United States, mainly is the South and Midwest, fear their way of life is in danger. Demographically speaking, the percentage of non-white population has increased significantly in recent years. Based on 2010 U.S Census, close to one-third of the total population across the country is either of Afro-American or Hispanic origin. There are enough white people who read these numbers and see them as a threat.

The situation in North Carolina resembles the rest of the country. Around 70 percent of the residents are white. Close to 30 percent of the population consists of Afro-Americans (22 percent) and Latinos (around 9 percent).

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