How to Survive an Armed Robbery

What to Do in an Armed Robbery to Make Sure You Stay Alive Always be on your guard as you never know when you will be


Crime Rate in North Carolina

Crime Rate in North Carolina – Partial Improvement in Property Crime North Carolina suffers from one of the highest murder rates in the entire United States.

Financial crimes

5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Scams

Learn How to Avoid Scams - 5 Tips Scams could target people in all kinds of ages, backgrounds, and income levels. All of us are vulnerable

Legal issues

the LGBT community

The North Carolina HB2

The North Carolina HB2 and the Basic Rights of the LGBT Community On March 23, 2016, the North Carolina legislature passed a bill known as HB2.

abolishing the death penalty

Arguments against the Death Penalty

Some Convincing Arguments against the Death Penalty One of the leading arguments against the death penalty is that 70% of the public support it while 70%